About Us

Our Story

Our journey began with boundless love for our furry companions, showering them with adoration like they were our own children. But it didn’t stop there – it ignited an unwavering passion to spread happiness to every dog’s heart. Our subscription pack and handpicked products are dedicated to crafting unique experiences that let dogs feel cherished and adored, while giving their families the tools to love and pamper them even more. Our quest to make life better for dogs everywhere has just taken its first joyful steps, and we can’t wait to share this heartwarming adventure with you and your precious pups! 🐾❤️

Our Team

Pongo Blue – Chief Sniffing Officer (CSO)

Leads the sniffing division, using his exceptional hound sense to explore and discover new scents. Also, responsible for keeping the team informed of all the fascinating new discoveries.

La Reina del Sur – Chief Cuddling Officer (CCO)

Oversees the cuddling department, spreading love and affection to everyone she meets. Also, in charge of brightening everyone’s day with her charming smiles and playful antics.

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